~ Texas ~
Dr. Dean T Odmark, DC (BNS)
12000 Starcrest #101
San Antonio TX 78247
Phone: 210-496-1066
Dr. Howard W McIlroy, DC (BNS)
3225 50th St A3
Lubbock TX 79413
Phone: 806-792-4487
Dr. Jeffrey S Reynolds, DC (BNS)
302 West Mandalay # 300
San Antonio TX 78212
Phone: 210-738-0771
Dr. Linda Martin, DO (NS)
321 E Spring Suit # 121
Palestine TX 75801
Phone: 903-723-2325
Dr. Phyllis Books, DC (BNS)
254 W Airport Hwy
Irving TX 75062-6322
Phone: 972-438-6800
Dr. Stephen Berman, BSEE, MS. DC (BNS)
Excelon Health, 1601 Lipan Trail, Austin, TX 78733-1510
1406 Miami Drive, Austin TX 78733-1940
Phone: 512-263-4200
Phone: 512-263-4270

Dr. William (Bill) Leff, DC (BNS) Since 1993
3130 Montana Ave
El Paso TX 79903
Phone: 915-566-9671
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Ms. Amanda Beasley, DC BNS
1406 Miami Drive
Austin Tx 78733-1940
Phone: 512-263-4270
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