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Hello, I am David H Jones. I have worked endlessly in the hopes of creating this Directory so that information and ideas as well as those seeking someone who performs the Endo-nasal Cranial Adjustment Technique will be able to find assistance. I have, set out, on a mission to work with many different Dr.ís who utilize Nasal Balloon Therapy. I am a real life example. Someone with a disability that has improved dramatically throughout the years. Thanks to the effect of Nasal Balloon Therapy (BNS), physical therapy, a real nutritious diet, and lots of prayer. I believe so much in this procedure no matter what title it is currently being called, that I am making this my lifeís work. To work with Doctors, Chiropractic Doctors, Dentists and whoever else will listen to the possibilities and benefits that this procedure may offer. I have gotten in touch with many Doctors, in good faith and in the hopes of creating this Directory. When you receive this copy and you know of others who are performing the Nasal Therapy Technique please let them know of my efforts. I am also very interested in hearing patient stories, especially thoes with disabilities and how it has helped them in decreasing the effects of the disability. I want to create a page that talks about peoples personal experiences and how it has helped them. I am also open to feed back in relation to this site. The easiest way to contact me is through e-mail.
The listing of contacts within this Directory is specific to those who utilize Nasal Techniques in one form or another.

Please take note that the purpose of this Contact Directory is to provide information. Contacts are constantly being updated. strives to provide the most up to date and accurate information available. When new information is presented it is reviewed and then updated. This is a research and resource based web site only. Some Contacts may have a difference in view. I have provided this information here for the public to use so they may make the best decision available to them and for their loved ones. This web site is not to be used inappropriately. Anyone listed in the Contact Directory who engages in inappropriate and questionable actions towards their fellow doctors will be immediately removed from this Directory.

The terms below were pulled from various different resources and are provided here to aid and assist individuals in their understanding. Throughout the years Endo-nasal Therapy has taken on many names and different variations of forms, which include: Bilateral Nasal Specific (BNS), Nasal Specific (NS), Endo-nasal Technique, Balloon Technique, Stober Technique, Nasal Cranial Release Technique (NCRT), Neuro Cranial Restructuring (NCR), Inner Opening Technique (ESR), Nose Whispering (NW), Central Nervous System Restoration (CNS) and a few others as well.

All of these techniques operate and originate out of the same principal. That is, using a type off blood pressure bulb affixed with an endonasal balloon to widen the nasal cavities in the nose, resulting in clear sinuses, reliving pressure upon the cranial plate joints, stimulating the nervous system, plus a whole lot more!

This Directory is privately funded and was created in good faith and in the hopes that not only Balloon Adjustment Therapists could keep in contact with each other, but also as a source of knowledge, and as a Directory to serve those who suffer from sinus problems and other varying dysfunctions and disabilities. For those who seek help and for those who seek relief.
This Directory is dedicated to the Stober Family
and to the memory of DR J.R. Stober
who tirelessly strived to create awareness and
help those who were in need.
Today many of those who still continue on the practice of Endo-nasal Therapy and many who now teach it to a new generation were at one point Dr Stoberís students and colleges within the Chiropractic Community.

~Please Note that this is an ongoing Developing Directory and Resource Web Sight. ~
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This site was developed to assist and provide resource information to those who seek assistance and as a means, in improving their quality of life. This site is non-for-profit and is privately funded. The purpose of this site is to provide information and not to be used for propaganda or for personal gain. This is an ongoing active web site.
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