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The following links below will take you to various specific sites that talk about Nasal Specific. There is also a listing of various Doctor web sites here that are associated with Nasal Specific. For a full current list of Doctors who participate this technique see the Contact Directory. Throughout the years Nasal Balloon Therapy has taken on many names and different variations, which include: Bilateral Nasal Specific (BNS), Nasal Specific (NS), Endonasal Technique, Balloon Technique, Stober Technique, Nasal Cranial Release Technique (NCRT), Neuro Cranial Restructuring (NCR), Inner Opening Technique (ESR), Nose Whispering, and Central Nervous System Restoration (CNS).
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SOTO-USA-Nasal Cranial Release Technique
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ERS - Inner Opening Technique
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