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There are an over whelming amount of questions that can be raised by this technique and from the ideas presented and put forth in this paper. When I talk about this life enhancing process that offers the ability to decrease the effects of disabilities I am always presented with an array of questions. I cannot answer them all and I can only speak for myself as have been an individual who has been awarded the opportunity to improve dramatically over the years. The following is a hand full of questions that I have been commonly asked on many occasions.

Does the process hurt?

Quite simply No, the process does not hurt and it however does depend on what one considers and defines the term pain. Let me explain a little further. When the finger cot/balloon is inserted into the nasal passageway, there may be a slight discomfort and there may be a slight discomfort as the doctor tucks in the edges of the finger cot/balloon to secure it in place. Most of the time a person cannot feel the finger cot/balloon being inserted into the nasal passageway because it has been lubricated and also because as the finger cot/balloon is being inserted the patient is breathing out through the nostril. Some have described the placement of the finger cot/balloon into the nostril as getting water up the nose. In my personal experience, it has been the case of a light sensation, like when ones nose itches or is running.

What happens when the finger cot is inflated and does it hurt?

When the finger cot/balloon is inflated, it fills up the nasal passageway pushing on the nasal walls to open up the airways. As the pump device used to inflate the balloon is squeezed the finger cot/balloon enlarges and moves its way through the nasal passageway and breaks through into the upper back portion of the throat where it taps the wall lining that is directly in front of the sphenoid bone. When this happens there is cracking sounds emitted from the head. These cracking sounds are the skull joints popping and shifting back into place. This happens in about 3 seconds and is a dramatic effect all at once. It releases built up pressure upon the head all at once and it does not hurt.
Think of it this way. Take your fingers and plug your nose then try to breath out, what happens is a built up pressure inside the head and your ears clog. Now imagine that this built up of pressure can be broken through and released in a single moment. This is what nasal specific does.
Does it hurt? I would not go as far to say that. It is a release of pressure within a closed box so for approximately 2 to 8 seconds there may be sensations of feeling like your head got exploded from the inside out. This sensation only lasts a few moments. After my first treatment after 15 years, I could see this aspect quite well and the after effect lasted only about 3 to 5 minutes then I was fine, was able to breath in full and deep, and I could hear better than I could in years. Keep in mind that when the finger cot/balloon is inflated in the nasal passageway and moves through to the back of the throat that it is releasing pined up pressure that has been stored in the body for any given length of time. Depending on how tight and tense a person is will directly affect the way they feel when they receive treatment. It is well to point out that if a person receives treatment on a regular basis the impact felt each time will lessen and each returning visit will be less dramatic and each return visit will add on to the further progression and development of unwinding the body and allowing those with dysfunctions and disabilities a greater chance of a more meaningful life.

What are the side effects of this practice?

The side effects on the negative end include sore gums, sore upper throat and a temporary feeling of being exhausted, due to the release of stored negative energy. At times there may be a bit of light bleeding due to the finger cot/balloon pressing up against the compressed walls of the nasal passageway.
The side effects most commonly noted include ability to clearly breath, do to the fact that it clears out the sinuses, increased energy, due to stimulation to the nervous system, and breathing capabilities, sharper memory, increased sensation of joy or happiness, and facial proportion balance. It also increases the ability to function better and aids in lessening the affects of a wide array of dysfunctions and disabilities.

Is this process safe?

Yes, this technique has been proven and been in practice since the 1930ís. It has been taught to many doctors, and dentists and others as well. This technique is a non-medical procedure and no incision has to be made.
As far as I know everyone who goes through the training of this technique has to be well practiced and seasoned before they are allowed to actually perform the technique on a patient. There are numerous classes that people can take who are in the medical profession and workshops where they can practice and sharpen their technique before actual application. If you are skeptical but are interested in this technique it is advised to find someone who has been in practice for a long time and who has regularly used nasal specific in their treatments for the best results.

What will I feel like afterwards?

One may feel a sensation of wholeness. You will be able to breathe in fully and deeply. This may cause a sense of light-headedness for a few moments as the body adjusts to the intake of air and increased functional and proper blood flow. You may feel relief and the release of tension in any given part of the body including the hips hands, feet, and neck. This technique has been proven in unlocking speech, increasing visual capabilities, restoring feeling to various parts of the body and restore hearing or allowing hearing for the first time. Therefore, what will you feel like afterwards, you may feel a bit scared at first but you will feel like a new person or at least feel more functional.

How long does these effects last?

These effects are long lasting and permanent. It is well to point out that these treatments are not for the light of heart but are for people seeking real change and enhancement who want to live a fuller and richer life. These effects are long lasting and permanent. It is well to note that after the inflation of the finger cot the cranial plates are unlocked and for up to 2 weeks a person is at greater risk of falling back into a pre treatment status if and only if they jar there body. It is advised not to do any strenuous activity or jarring effects such as running so that the body has time to adapt and settle back into a more normal but enhanced state of being. I would at least give it a good day before returning to regular activities.

Are the treatments insurable?

Yes, it is, but it depends on whom you talk to and in what matter the therapy is being preformed. My suggestion is to get with an insurance company that will cover chiropractic care, due to the fact that, most chiropractors use this technique. There are a small hand full of medical doctors and dentists that also use this technique as an alternative to braces.

What is the difference between Balloon Sinuplasty and Nasal Specific?

Thoughts on Balloon Sinuplasty

Throughout my research, I have come across many varying sources of information, that in many ways tie together. However, each element of information is in its own and does not tie together with other informative resources. Likewise, the same can be said for Balloon Sinuplasty. Balloon Sinuplasty is just a new twist on a well-developed procedure of Bilateral Nasal Specific, which has been around as since the mid 1930ís. Balloon Sinuplasty takes the development of practices preformed in open-heart surgery and like items such as the opening of clogged veins by inserting a stint, and applies it to the opening of inflamed, clogged, or closed nasal passageways. This may sound all fine, but let me point out some elements that will help you form a better analysis. In order to do this procedure the physician, who is an otolaryngologlist, will use anesthesia, there by placing the patient unconscious. The effects of anesthesia vary from person to person. However, a well-formed concern may entail. What effect will the unconscious procedure have on the long-term effect of the brain and its development and mobility. The physician also uses high-powered x-rays to take pictures of the nasal cavity and also uses a micro camera as a guide, up the nasal cavity until they reach their desired destination. This is much like the procedure they do in stinting a vein. However, concern can be pointed at the amount of x-ray exposure and amount of exposure time to such a specific area. I once watched a documentary on O.P.B. that took into account the use of x-ray equipment and the damage it inflicted on the cell structure when a picture was taken. To the point of, when x-ray's are taken, it splits the DNA strands, thus causing a temperamental break in the cell structure. The cells do repair themselves unfortunately the radiation received into the body at the point of contact and splitting has lead to well formed theories of the development of cancer at the point where the damage occurred. There is also the concern that the instruments being used may not be the best for this situation of clearing the nasal passageways. The physician will first use a guide wire to position its way to the desired location then they will slide in the device that has the balloon on the end until proper placement is achieved. This is a good procedure for heart and vein surgery but by no means is it good for nasal development, does it do what it claims, of course, but the concern here more than anything is the guide wire. In my research, I have heard stories that in the early days there was a guide wire or flexible rod that was used to guide the balloon into position. Sometimes the head of the patient or the hand of the physician would shift and this rod/guide wire would penetrate the sinus cavity. More so, when they were working with the upper nasal cavity and the rod/wire would shift and penetrate the frontal sinus wall thus puncturing the brain there behind. It is in my own opinion that the use of a guide wire is ancient, extremely dangerous, and unnecessary. I have talked to many people about this implication and many have their own opinions, some have included that the procedure is barbaric, and overall unsafe for the physical well being of the patient. It is also well to note that each balloon costs around $1,000, the procedure itself can take up to five to six hours, and may run anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 depending on the case study of each person seeking treatment. The case study for this process involved 10 people and is still an ongoing process. Yet it has been approved by the FDA and approved by various medical leaders as a safe and efficient way to relive sinus related problems. There is even an established center for clients to report their effects. The Clinical Evaluation of Confirm Safety and Efficiency of Sinuplasty, which reports the safety and simplicity of the procedure. They proclaim that this procedure is safe and that the implication is long lasting, both of which are false statements. The procedure is far from safe and is down right risky for the parties involved. The long term effects will very from person to person, but as we know the skull is prone to shifting and may tighten thus putting pressure upon the nasal passageways and the developed procedure of Balloon Sinuplasty will have to be repeated with all the same practices cost and risk involved. This seems to be a quick fix element involved in this procedure as well as the development of the medical aspects and calling it surgery. Bilateral Nasal Specific is by far safer, less evolved, and virtually painless for the physician and the patient, and is reasonably priced. Furthermore nasal specific research and implications cover a large spectrum that Balloon Sinuplasty may not cover. Balloon Sinuplasty, released in practice in late 2005-2006 is considered to be a medical procedure and the way they have set up their guidelines it most certainly is, however it is a new twist on even older procedures and is not the safest or a safe procedure by far. I would never recommend the use of Balloon Sinuplasty. I think that it is unnecessarily dangerous, even though it might clear up the nasal passageway. I do believe that the long-term effect of the procedure may lead to other health effects that are yet not known. I would encourage anyone interested in learning about the procedure to do so and make an educated assumption based on what I have presented here to see if it would be right for them.

Would I be able to sing better?

One of the benefits I noticed after treatment was the ability to sing clearer, deeper and fuller, utilizing my chest and head to its full capacity. After the adjustment, I noticed that my singing ability improved dramatically. I noticed that my head/cranium was being utilized and I could not only feel but also hear the sound reverberating off of the cranium walls, much like when one is in a cave and the echo effect. Just imagine what this does for the ability to project ones voice and the clarity of the vocal dynamics when one sings.
If you want to sing better and get away from the nasal sound effect that you sometimes have, and fully develop your singing ability look for someone who performs this treatment.

I have a pain in my back or shoulder that wonít go away, Iíve tried everything and all kinds of treatment, would this therapy help relive my pain?

I am convinced that nasal specific would be able to relive your pain. If stretching, pills, massage, acupuncture, chiropractic spinal adjustments are not effectively releasing your pain then you may have at some point a pinched nerve fiber that resides in compression that is articulated within the cranium. Nasal specific will release the tension on the head thereby releasing the tension in the area you are experiencing these symptoms. Most all dysfunctions and disabilities are manifested within the cranium/head and in the upper portion of the neck including the brain steam. Nasal specific releases this pressure and pinned up tension. The cranium/head cranial nerves and the upper part of the neck portion of the spinal cord and the brainstem are the key elements that need to be relaxed, and treated so that symptoms that manifest in other parts of the body can be eliminated.

How does Nasal Specific Differ from using an activator?

Many Chiropractors use the activator or a variation of the Activator, sometimes a much larger punch gun type of device. The activator is used in the pinpoint of a damaged or locked area of the spine muscles and utilized on the Cranium. Thoughts vary widely on the use of the Activator. In the adjusting of cranial plates, it is used at pinpoint placement to with blunt force tap the skeletal plate in hopes of unlocking the compressed plates. This may work, however my concern is that after this adjustment if it is used on another portion of the Cranium the plates that were just shifted may shift again if the Applicator is applied else where, causing other lockage of the nervous system and improper adjustment of the cranium. This author has had the activator used on him, and by no means did it have any substantial improvement outcome. It was used on a muscle cramp and all it did was further promote the cramping. It was used on my back in the spinal area, and it did not effectively pop/adjust the back to the level that was required, and when the physician applied the applicator to the cranium it caused more tension and miss shifting of the plates in an unwanted position. If you think about it, the Activator is a means of very temperamental relief and I strongly discourage any treatment that uses it as a main means of adjustment. With this, nasal specific works with treating the cause of dysfunctions and not the symptoms. The Activator can only work on one pinpoint location at a time and even at that, it is not necessary ideal. Nasal specific adjusts the whole cranium/head all at once, so there is no relative means or way for the miss alignment of the cranial plates. Besides nasal specific also clears out the nose and restores proper breathing patterns, it unlocks the vomer bone and unlocks the sphenoid. This allows for proper articulation and enhances the master gland that houses the critical fluid needed to feed the nervous system and provide mobility to various parts of the body. In short, it also works with decreasing the stiffness of the joints so that a person can begin to use their legs, arms and strengthen them.

Why havenít I heard of Nasal Specific?

It is sad to say but we are a nation of division and it is extremely difficult to build and work together for the betterment of all. The medical society officially does not recognize this work because resource and studies mainly come out of the chiropractic field of study. Which is sad because, in essence, the study of the brain and cranial plates are the same between both fields of study and thought. In addition, the medical society is tied into financial gains in todayís world, and it is more profitable to treat a symptom instead of the cause because it grosses profit. This way added unnecessary pressure is ignored and man made fabricated pills that may have side effects are used to treat elements that could be easily treated without them. There is another element at play here, the control and command element. We all know that knowledge is power, if too many people start to think positively about this treatment then economics of scale would shift and backing pharmaceutical corporations would be directly effected. What needs to happen is a change in the mind set of the population that focuses on the positive out comes and the possibility of a better tomorrow instead of the all consuming nature of immoral greed. The separation of the medical community between medical doctors and chiropractics is indeed petty and in the box type of thinking. Years ago, both segments worked hand in hand with each other to improve the body as a whole. The information that both groups use are essentially the same. If one goes back far enough, you will find that the study of the brain and brain function along with the structures of the skull/cranial plates, and the spine are studied by both segments. Therefore, it is a misconceived notion that one group is better than the other, and for individuals to focus on this and make it their standing argument is indeed sad.

Can an individual with physical disability improve?

Yes, children and adults of all ages can improve with the use of nasal specific, I have never heard of any cases where the individual did not improve. The results of this treatment do very from person to person depending on how they are treated with combined therapy. Even though nasal specific does treat and enhance the well-being for many, it is not by any means a cure all like some may be lead to misbelieve. However, nasal specific has helped lessen the effect of many disabilities. This author has personal experience with this as being a person with cerebral palsy. I have been able to enhance my life and live a fair to normal existence and am quite thankful for the opportunities I have been blessed with. Nasal specific, works with the body to release tension by unlocking the cranial plates. This then unwinds the body and works to restore mobility and movement function. With people with disabilities of a wide range and nasal specific will work to treat the cause and improve their bodyís ability to function more normally or effectively. Children with short attention spans can become more focused and concentrated. Children who are hard of hearing can indeed regain their hearing. The same is true for speech, bladder function, mobility, and vision. However, nasal specific cannot stand alone. The person with the dysfunction or disability must also receive therapeutic treatment. For instance, a child who cannot move their arms or legs must also be worked with to moving their limbs so they have a chance to get better. Nasal specific works at releasing the tension and physical therapy works with increasing circulation and muscle development. Both of these two elements must work hand in hand if the child is to have a fair shot at improvement.
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