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Welcome to the Nasal Specific {Bilateral Nasal Specific} web site. This web site has been developed as a means to provide resources and information to individuals, and various persons seeking information on Nasal Specific. Within this site there are various links to qualified doctors, a complete research paper that is focused around the development of Nasal Specific and the benefits it offers. There are various video links, where qualified doctors talk about the process, and a contact directory where people can seek out a Nasal Specific doctor if they so well choose. I have developed this site in hopes and in good faith so that there is a centralized location where anything relating to Nasal Specific may be found.
If you or someone you know suffers from sinus congestion or from a variety of disabilities: Including arthritis, cerebral palsy, autism, chronic tiredness, lose of vision, or loss of hearing. Suffering from some forms of memory loss, and loss of concentration and are seeking a means to improve, become more functional, or lessen your pain, then the information within is for you. The information within this web site has been reviewed and performed in many ways over the years. As well as having outstanding results and has given hundreds the opportunity for a fuller and richer life.

Since the 1930's this therapy has been used and for the last 30 years it has been widely used and accepted. Many have lived fuller and better lives. I know, because I am one of these people. Not many know of the potential and benefits that is held within. That is the reason why this web site was created. People can live healthier lives, children with disabilities can dramatically improve and become more functional, and an individual can once again take control of their life, dreams, and goals.
This site was developed to assist and provide resource information to those who seek assistance and as a means, in improving their quality of life. This site is non-for-profit and is privately funded. The purpose of this site is to provide information and not to be used for propaganda or for personal gain. This is an ongoing active web site.
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